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Originally Posted by JM View Post
Things I hate
1-The seat. It keeps sliding Mr. Happy and the Boys in the direction of the tank.
2-The high foot pegs. Combined with the low seat the knee angle is killing me.
3-The position of the handle bars. With the high pegs and the low bars I can't ride with confidence standing up.
4-Why isn't there a accessory socket or two on the dash somewhere?

Things I love
1-The Power
2-The nimble handling.

Things I will love
1-The Russel Day Long that I should get on Wednesday
2-The soon to be low modified Pivot Pegz I should get by Thrusday
3-The Rox Riser I should get on Thursday also.
4-The 3 additional power plugs I plan on installing.
Raise the seat in the front..leave rear in low helps..some

Bar risets from any of many suppliers..
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