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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I don't pretend to know the answer to this one (like I pretend some other times ). But since you mention Cutter. I believe he has stated that he realizes the paper on dual plugging is old but maintains the info in it is still correct. I guess you could try it the Cutter way and change later if that doesn't work?
His spark plug tables haven't kept up with the newer bikes...Only go to '79. Also some of the plug designations are obsolete--but you can figure out where he is going. I'm thinking High compression pretty similar to the '77.

I could do trials of this and that, but it eats cash (which I have little of), I may have to order some of them off the net which eats time, and I end up with leftover pugs I can't use. That's where those 14mm short reach platinums came from. One heat range hotter was enough, I prepared to go two up front---wasted time and money.
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