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Originally Posted by mcjunky View Post
So if a guy wanted to take dirt from Spokane to the St John Endicott area is there stuff that can be linked up? Thinking about taking the klx to the boat races and would like to keep the little bike off highway.

I know dirt up north but haven't ventured offroad south much.
Sorry I saw this too late. I live in St John and have often wondered if I could make it to Spokane on mostly dirt. It's damn difficult once you get near Spokane. The closest routes that I have found Can get you to Cheney or Spangle with only a few miles of pavement but it's real hit and miss after that.

Now if you could include lesser traveled 2 lane blacktop I could give you a dozen different routes to get from here to there.

Another boat race in August I believe ( I usually leave town when it gets crazy around here so I don't pay much attention, sorry) So if you want routes for next time just send me a PM
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