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For the start of this story we are going to have to get into the way back machine and travel to the summer of 2011. There I am, an overweight, middle-aged woman with a 650 V-Strom, not a motorcycle known for speed. I've been riding motorcycles for many, many years and the thought of racing, while attractive, hasn't really played a part in my life. For the last couple of years one of my buddies has been encouraging me to buy a track bike and keeps sending me ads for likely prospects. I look at them, think "How fun would that be!" and forget about them. Now finally, in the summer of 2011, I'm ready to pull the trigger and give it a try. I tell another of my friends that I'm thinking of getting a track bike and he says "What you want to do is try supermoto! There's a club right here in town and they have a track night every Tuesday at Western Speedway. You should check it out." Yes, maybe I should.
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A Cougar goes racing
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