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Originally Posted by beantop View Post
I'm a BMW owner (well actually mom owns it, I just get to enjoy it), there's a difference.

not all BMW owners are fags, But all BMW fags own BMW's..

Knda like the harly guys.

I tend to hang with the cool BMW crowd..
Enduro dan
GS waeve
Splits lanes and sawing logz (and their group)
DenisSMS (former BMW Fag)

are a few that come to mind

and anyone else that isn't emersed in being so brand loyal that they insist there is nothing beter than their particular brand (IE BMW FAG, Harley Guys, KTM dudes)

Its all about the riding not the Brand....

It's that you ride, Not What you ride.

That's BULLSHIT...the only REAL motorcycle is the KLR,everyone else are just posers!
If it stops raining now, i'll be pissed!(BEANTOP)

It's mostly Dan........I knew he couldn't keep a secret(SCOTTY P)
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