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Originally Posted by RandoCommando View Post
I'm PADI certified Open Water, and it's been years since I've been in the water.
I pretty much have everything except tanks, compass and computer.
I have a dive light, but need to get a battery for it.
No clue what the difference is between primary and secondary dive lights though.
I actually have two HEEDs (Helicopter Emergency Egress Device), which are basically spare air tanks.
I'd be interested in the refresher course, depending on when and where.
And I'd be interested in the advanced course as well provided I get the refresher and can get off from work.

from What I gather, you can goto your local dive shop to find out where to get a refesher course ( just a one nite deal), Usuallly at a local indoor pool wher they just run you through the basic skills agian. I usually do one before I go on a cruise, just to keep me up to spped for the benefit of the dive instructors and other divers in my group. If every one would do it, we couls save a lot of tyme refreshing and more tyme diving when your on vacation.
The secondary dive lite is just a back up in case your primary should fail for some reason, Just an extra insurance so you don't have to end your session if you should have a problem.

I'll Pm you the insructors number and you can have a talk with him, But I wouldn't be suprised if your local dive shop won't try to talk you into doing a similar course with them (Maybe even at the same date and tyme) after they find out your planning a doing the AOW cert. which is no problem after all if they wouldn't try they wouldn't be in bussiness very long.

all you would need to do is do the refresh and get the required reading material and do the Knowledge reviews befroe the AOW cert class. I'm sure the instructor you use is gonna want to provide you with the whole package (except the refresh class).
IE If you get the reading materials from one instructor then try to take the class with another that may be a little non-profesional. I'll caall the instructor and see if he would mind if i give out his number.
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