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Originally Posted by beantop View Post
You have to goto a BMW rally to meet the real A-holes, Cause they're too good to hang out where we would normally be.

I agree all the ADV guys on BMW's or harley's for that mater are cool, Its just the doctors,lawyers, and cooperate big wigs (that tink their poop don't stink) that buy a BMW or Harley to try to fit in with thre cool guys. Usually they fail misserably and end up just forming thier own click of bigger a-holes. Kinda Ironic they try to do somthing to be cool and end up just refining their a-hole-ness with all their other a-hole buddies....

all the guys I've met through the ADV comunity get the bike that suite their riding needs no matter the brand or what not and are generally down to earth kinda people.

that's just my opinion, I guess there's nothing wrong with being a BMW snob (fag), if that's what your into, but I'd rather not be assocciated with 90% of them..

Not a beanism to be found.

You been drinkin'?

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