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Originally Posted by beantop View Post
what tyme and where at...Do they have food..

OMB!!! are you gonna make BYOB.....
you do have another vehicle don't you..

I may go check out Dutch Springs Aqua Park in bethlehem, PA tomorrow...

For some reason I am on a kick to get back into SCUBA diving... Prolly that stupid TV comercial...(can't even remember what its for) Apparently it not a good comercial or I'm just stupid.....


I guess the comercial really did werk... I was just sitting aroun doing nothing and it hit me... Outa the blue I thought.... I should buy a subaru , then get my dive cert, Maybe I'll see a falcon on the way, or I could do a log roll, I wander what those stink bugs taste like, I wander where the closest hot springs are.... What was I doing again, oh yeah...

Dan B.
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