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What a day yesterday! Nice to meet you Tony, have a safe trip back. I did pretty good in the qualifier, lined up LDS1 on row 14 with two pals from the Checkers MC. Rode good and steady, had a few tip overs, but finished it. Then, due to people getting lost, they let everyone qualify for LDS2. They started weeding them out in a hurry. Not far off the start there was a hillclimb, not real long, but steep and loose. By the time I got to it there had to be 20+ people waiting at the bottom and 10 or 12 floundering on the hill. Well, I hate to wait so I started working on an alternate line and with some help I got over the top and passed a bunch of people who were still sitting at the bottom.

But that was about it for me, I had used so much energy getting up the hill that I was riding really slow, fell down in one of the big rock obstacles and was trapped under the bike, so more energy consumed. Got to the Enduro X section and surprisingly cleaned it, but next up was the planks over the big waterhole. It had to be a good 40 feet on a 2x6 over a 2 1/2 to 3 foot deep waterhole. I had made it in the 1st round with a little trouble, but mostly dry. Not so much this time. They closed the ramps and were making you ride through the water and I drowned the bike, airbox was dry as a bone (I taped the shit out of it and it worked) I guess the electrics didn't like the dunking I gave it, so that was it for me. After the bike sat for 20 minutes or so it fired right up.

Then we hung around to watch LDS3, the remaining 8 riders (out of about 100 that started the day) would have to do two loops around an 8-10 mile course. It took them something like two and a half hours, with Taylor Robert winning by a decent margin, Cory Graffunder was second and i'm not sure about the others.

Oh, and at the end of the loop they had to go off of the "Prarie Dogs Diving Board", a ramp off the side of a hill right at the finish, with about a 30 foot drop. Wait until you see the video of it!

All in all it was a fun day, although I guess I have a twisted sense of fun
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