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So far so good. I did a 530 mile off-road loop yesterday and the fairing works very well.

I have played w/ different heights on the adjustable windscreen and have found the best hight is all the way down. This provides the cleanest air flow. Keeping air pressure off the chest, w/ smooth air hitting me in the chin guard.

The one thing I have noticed is that the angle of the dash is a bit too steep for the 690 to mount the gps and the dash flat. To properly see the LCD of the odo and the GPS I had to mount a 1cm spacer on the lower part of the ODO and GPS so they were tilted up a bit more for clearer viewing while seated.

For offroad use the Lynx is very unobtrusive. It mounts far enough forward that even when hopping logs or climbing steep embankments the screen does not hit your chest .

Not as impressed by the dual HID light output as others. Not sure if it's because I'm used to a dual Baja Designs squadron set up I have on my KTM 530 or if the color temperature of the HID's Ian provides is a bit cold. I prefer a warmer temperature. (What HID temperature do you send out w/ the kits Ian?). I still need to fine tune the aiming of the lights, which is not easy since it cannot be done w/ the fairing on the bike.

The other issue w/ the lights is that there is a lot of light bleed off into the fairing at night. You get lots of light leaking around the edges between the fairing and the dash, and some light leaking onto the wind screen through the two vertical windscreen adjustment slots. Very annoying/distracting when driving at night. I remember seeing a post where someone was trying to seal the light units off w/ some foam to prevent this issue. Might have to try it myself.

I'm gonna see if I can mount a BD Squadron in place of the Hellas to get better lights output and cut down on weight.

I really wanted to get the full RR fairing, but could not justify the cost and since it's all made of relatively thin fiberglass did not want to wreck it the first time I dropped the bike.
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