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Well laddie buck, an really ol'fart here, 69+ and ever bike I ever owned was an adv bike. Guess thats because every ride I did was an adv.
I for one always had a hankering to see the other side of the mountain or what was around the curve, what folks in the next town had going on, or if the girls in the next state over were as pretty as the ones I left in the last state I was in.

Started this when I was 14 and a few years after I began to wander my pappy says to me one day "Call home every so often,your mom worries", Dad understood,staying in one place wasn't in his blood either, even today I take every opportunity to be "on the road" THE ADVENTURE NEVER ENDS it always there calling you to come see what's up ahead .

So I don't think age has anything to do with it I think its attitude

And the fact that only 10% of the world is tarmac, the rest is an adventure.

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