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I am staying at my mechanics house. His name is Sasha, his sons name is Stas, I don't know the wife's name, and Stas friend Andrey seems to be here more than any of them. He has been looking after me a lot. 99% of our communications are with translators.Nothing better than being taken in by a family and experienceing real Russian life. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. I mean this morning.

About 3pm these 2 21 year old boys asked if I'd like to go to Russian baseball. Well yes.They loaded a truck with 2 quads, generator, refrigerator, amplifier and sound system, etc.We get there and the five of them need 1 more. So I'm in.3 against 3.I'm older than the combined age of the other team.You hit the ball, then you sprint about 60 yards before the opponents get the ball and hit you with it.About my 3rd sprint, just before getting hit with the ball, I pulled my hamstring. Old man playing a young mans game. I'll limp for a while, I don't care. Had a great time. Then a young woman came. She ran by me and jumped and did a twisting flip in the air, landed and went another 20 feet and did it again.One guy said that is Ilena.I wondered if her last name is Lot.He said she is a world champion fighter. What kind of fighter got lost in the accent. You get the picture now. A world champion is my backup.

We get home and I get to clean my stink off.It's been a while. Not like home. No bath tub.Pictures in the morning. I'm tired. Good night.
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