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Originally Posted by Jacl-Kampuchea View Post
What are the speed limits in Alaska?

If he averaged 73mph was that legal there and not cause him to be DQ'd under IBA rules?
There are no IBA "rules" regarding speed.

All sanctioned IBA rides can be completed withing posted speed limits, and an attempt to break a record is not an IBA sanctioned ride.

What Don said was that he was sticking to IBA guidelines for certifying a ride.

For example .... If you submit any ride that exceeds 1800 miles in a 24 hour period, the Certificate will not state the mileage recorded.

The IBA is dedicated to safe, long distance motorcycling, and they are unlikely ever to encourage attempts like this.

When we go out on the roads, we are motorists, pure and simple. We are subject to all the prevailing laws, and "good sense" surely plays a part.

Just my 2c. I have no involvement with the IBA other than a couple of certificates.
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