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i got stuck pretty bad twice. on the same day.

when i was in australia, i bought a xr650r, put a big safari tank on it and did some offroad riding. one day i decided that i wanted to go from cooktown to musgrave roadhouse via the starcke track (i think thats the name)
its not a particulary hard track, but there are some watercrossings. after a few smaller ones, i came to a big one. got off the bike to check the depth and it was ok to ride through. but only just. so i started to slowly ride through the river (maybe 50m wide) and everything was ok. but then, i must have hit something, a stone or whatever, and i lost my balance. the bike leaned over to the left side (where the air filter is) and i don´t know if i hit the stop button or if it stalled, but now a was standing in a river with a loaded bike and crocodile warning signs everywhere around me. i´m sure, i was only able to push the bike out of the water because i was full of adrenalin and fear. i know, its not THAT dangerous, but i was scared. so i pushed the bike out and tried to kick start it. no way. took of the air filter, pulled the decomp lever and kicked the shit out of it. about 10 times, then i was exhausted. 5min break, and all over again. this went on for about an hour, kicking, resting, kicking, resting. i was already planing on staying there for the night...but then i heard 2 cars approaching from the river. a ranger and his family. they stopped, asked what my problem was. we pushed the bike up a little hill and got it running in 5min. it would have taken me maybe another 1 or 2 hours to get it running, but i think it would have worked. before i forget, no cell coverage, no spot. but enough water and food for 2 or 3 days.

second little misshap happened about 2 hours later. the track led through a little lake, or swamp. again, i checked everything by foot and found a line through the water that would be easy. so i thought. so i started the crossing but close before i was through it, there was a little edge. i lifted the front wheel over it, but the backwheel got caught between the edge and a rut. well, 2 ruts as i found out, because the edge was a rut aswell. funny enough, the distance between the two ruts was just a bit shorter then the diameter of the rear tire. at first i thought, easy, pulled the throttle still sitting on the bike and helping with my feet. but instead of foreward, the bike went down. the rear tire got stuck between the ruts up to the swingarm. i got of the bike tried to push it, pulled it, lay it on the wouldn´t come loose. finally i had the idea, taking one of my tiedowns, one end to the frontend and the other end to a rut i dug out one meter in front of the bike. i tightened the tiedown as much as i could, started the bike and as soon as i let the clutch go, the bike was free. huge relief, it took me about an hour to get the bike out.

i guess thats not much of a problem for other riders, but that was my first big offroad trip.

lessons learned? yes and no. if murphys law kicks in, it can hit anybody, no matter how well prepared you are. for me, the most important part is, to take enough water and food with you. and i think its more likley to be killed in an road accident then getting lost and starve to death.
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