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Hi guys, I have another question for you. I just found out that the CRF250M (the supermoto version) can already be bought here in Switzerland - I was expecting it only next year (and this is why I got the L in the first place otherwise I would have waited). Now I am not sure what to do... I never go off-road with my L, I got the bike as a affordable and fun urban commuter. I could exchange my L for an M (losing some money in the process), but I am not sure whether it will be worth it. Once I get more street-like tires for my L (there is not much choice, alas, currently looking at Michelin Sirac), will the difference to the supermoto version with its 17" wheels and taller gearing be still significant enough to justify an exchange like that?

Thanks for your expert input!
I use 705's on my KLR650...I think 705's in appropriate sizes for the 21/18's on the CRF-L will amaze you....hopefully you can find them in europe at the very reasonable $$ we get them in the $120 or less for both! Could you drive to Andorra to buy them? I remember a huge duty free bike store down there....years back though (1993).....
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