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The more I read about EARL the more I get pumped about it. For 300 you get so much functionality. On my last look at their site I saw that they are adding another port for an external antenna (This again is something I have limited concern about- but it expands it capabilities beyond just a GPS). The site says it will have a five hour recharge time in sunlight from the built in solar panel- I would think that a full day of riding might not be enough to charge it and use it at the same time, but just having it be able to catch first light and last light of the day should be great for most riders who don't ride sun-up to sun-down.

They have some video of the refresh and scrolling on it and it seem acceptable. For me just being able to make a stop and see in the sunlight where I am and if I am on track would be a big bonus. While riding if it is constantly refreshing I can see this as a problem because all of the lines will be blurry and indistinct. I hope this is not the case- especially since while riding it won't be perfectly stable on any handlebar in the dirt- it will be blurry from movement on its own. With color screens this is less of a big deal but with grey scale it can get hard to see.

In the end I am hoping for the best. At the worst I will have a new e-reader for books, that I can run every andriod ap on, and charge with solar.
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