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I use 705's on my KLR650...I think 705's in appropriate sizes for the 21/18's on the CRF-L will amaze you....hopefully you can find them in europe at the very reasonable $$ we get them in the $120 or less for both! Could you drive to Andorra to buy them? I remember a huge duty free bike store down there....years back though (1993).....
It doesn't seem like you can get 705's at all in Switzerland/Germany/France/Austria. But I am sure I will be able to find some nice all-weather street tires... good thing that in Switzerland we can basically put anything which fits and it will be legal. Not so in Germany, where you have to follow the list of approved tires...

P.S. The stock is absolutely adequate for my use in the city, but they are really uncomfortable during the short trips on the freeway, even if the weather is optimal. Past 90kmh the bike wobbles extremely. I mean, it gets you to the destination, but its not something you are looking forward to...
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