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Originally Posted by Trailing Jack View Post
Jeez Scott, make it hard.

What do I win?

Looks like a cool weekend.

I was only there Saturday and didn't even rub elbows or chat with any of the legends but a very good day to be there.

Guy Cooper is a f'ing god we are not worthy.

He's freaking 51 and the show him and Dakota Kessler put on (Mickeys son, 21, current pro riding and making the gates at the outdoor 250 Nationals) was freaking sweet. those 2 were FLYING, Kessler on a CZ and Cooper on a Bul. Awesome just AWESOME they were hitting the skyshot and going as far as the modern bikes???!!!

I shit you not you had to see it. Neither bike even had leading axle forks.

Awesome event I hope it picks up steam.
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