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Final days of the incredible journey

Moab is a beautiful place. We used to come here mountain biking a lot. And every time we came here we were still amazed by its beauty. But our friends were here for the first time, and they were impressed.

So while they went to do the White Rim one day with Vasile, I decided to use that day to rest a bit. Here are some of the highlight of their ride.
 photo IMG_0005_zps11d1843e.jpg

The next day we went to the Arches National Park. Simply amazing!

The day after Robin, Matt, Vasile and I headed to Whitefish, where Matt and Robin had a timeshare, while Ehren took a different route to go back to Vancouver. Our ride was nice, with some twisties, and the weather not too bad, but we heard Ehren was not that lucky, and he went through some snow.
We went through the amazing Yellowstone National Park as well and we've seen the variety of wildlife and geisers.

A moose resting

The Old Faithfull geiser, 150 ft of water bursting out of the ground.

A bunch of other beautiful colorful geisers

A heard of bisons crossing the street right in front of us.

Once in Whitefish us, the girls, decided to get some sun and do some shopping (I kind of missed that) while the guys went for an off road ride. But they came back quite disappointed: the ride was not challenging at all.
From Whitefish Matt and Robin headed back to Vancouver, while Vasile and I headed to Vernon, BC, to visit some friends and for Vasile to have his suspension done. We followed the advice of our friend Chris and took some really nice twisty roads that we thoroughly enjoyed. I guess because we know we are very close to the end of our trip, it almost feels like we are enjoying every ride even more.

And following Vasile’s GPS we got to a single track trail.

And here we are entering Canada. We made it!

Even though we miss South America so much, it feels good to be home again. We actually had quite a smooth transition: from Columbia we flew into Miami, where everyone speaks Spanish, so the sock was not too big. Then while crossing the States we had enough time to get used to the North American culture again.
We made the first stop in Canada in Creston and we definitely had a shock to see how expensive everything was, as we almost forgot. Canada is the most expensive country we’ve been through in this whole trip. We went for dinner and we found a place that was claiming to sell sushi. Well, after we ordered it, we realized that it was boxed sushi from the fridge, so not too fresh. And so overly-priced. We missed our Vancouver sushi places with fresh, reasonably priced sushi.
The next day we made it to Vernon, where we stayed at our friends’ place, Chris and Angie. Chris was gone with business and he was to be back on Friday. Vasile was so looking forward to his return, as Chris had planned a great ride for the two of them. In the meantime, Vasile had his suspension done at Rider’s Edge Suspension and he was more than impressed with the results.

Friday Chris came home and off they went on the promised ride. Apparently it was a heck of a ride. Here are some of the highlights.

The next day we left Vernon after a few great days we spent there (beer, wings and good sushi and some more shopping for the girls) and had our last day ride of this trip. And because it was the last day we decided not to take the highway, but to take some twisty roads instead, just to end it up nicely. So we took the Duffy Road to Pemberton, Whistler and then Vancouver.
And here we are home, with our friends and family again, looking back at our amazing journey. We’ve learnt so much and we got to know so many places and meet such awesome people. It was so well worth all the efforts and sacrifices we made for this. So I will close quoting again Miariam Baird, as it is one of my favourite travel quotes: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”
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