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early plannig a trip to central and south america

Hi everyone!

My name is Amitai 22 yr old from Israel. I'm planing on going on a road trip around central and south america. I have some questions and need some advice on buying and selling the motorcycle and insurance related topics:
1. I'm planing to buy the bike in the USA. That means I'll have to start my trip from there. Where is a good place to strat looking for a bike that will also be beneficial for my trip? Where is a good place to sell my bike that will also be beneficial to the ending of my trip?
2. Currently i'm not holding any motorcycle licence. What is the minimum that I'm required to have both for usa and south america? As far as I know there shouldn't be any problem riding big motor cycles (600cc<) with a1 licence (european).
3. Will I have to use international licence?
4. As a tourist will I be able to get third party insurance for the USA and south america? and where? is there a safe place on line?

guys, ur talking to a realy realy young noob here. please be patient and forgiving with me. these questions are being asked because they are much more important than the rout im going to take or the countries im going to visit or wich bike I'm going to get.

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