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Originally Posted by UncleGra View Post
.......Hey there Bob..if I was to turn up at ya VMX event with something big red hot and throbbing between my this..

...would it get a start.....preferably in the geriatric class...
Not a problem Unc, 4 stroke class,as long as its pre 84 all good.
You would have to take the Barkbusters off(not allowed in VMX)plug the bar ends,remove or tape all the lights off, remove the sidestand, numbers each side and on the front, pad on the cross bar,and away you go
I was third last on the XT at Canberra last month,and my back is still recovering but its all about having fun with your mates
Have you got any mates? Oh, thats right ,Dobbo!
I live more in 5 minutes on my motorcycle than some people live in a lifetime...............
Where are my pants? Our farmers thank you!
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