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Originally Posted by billdonna View Post
Set up a perimeter with claymore mines and a trip wire

Seriously, bear spray is just gonna piss 'em off. By the time you get it out of it's holster, a griz will be all over you. Your best defense is to have no food or smell of food in your camp. Any type of mace is illegal but pepper sprays are OK as long as they are not designed for use on humans. I have one I carry for dogs when I'm out walking.

Guns are OK under certain circumstances. A shotgun with slugs might make you sleep better, but no handguns or M16 type weapons. Here's the info...
thanks ... was thinking of bringing into Canada, Springfield Armory M6 Scout .22 Hornet/.410 .. packs real small.

.22 Hornet shells are custom loaded to produce 650+ ft lb energy. same for .410 shells, custom sized barrel loaded to 1250+ ft lb range.

a big ole can of bear spray purchased in Canada seems to be the best choice.
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