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Coil wire adapter

So it is Saturday afternoon and I find that the two male one female adapter on my coil has bitten the dust leading to no spark. Local BMW dealership is closed. What to do?

Tried two auto parts stores but the have nothing but crimp wire connectors. Leave last car parts store and think. Then it comes to me. Off I go to the mall and the closest Radio Shack.

Walk in and tell the 16 year old what I need. "I don't think we have that", but he asks the 18 year old who says the same thing. I ask to see the bin anyway. Inside said bin is #6403064 an 8 pack of "Quick Disconnects Adapter Set". Huh the kid says, "That must be new." Right.

$2.67 I was out the door and I now have seven extras. There are three different types the original "angled" type, but I switched up to the female with the two males side by side which I installed pointing downwards.
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