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What a crazy race! What a great bunch of people! It was good to meet you too Mike, I'm going to remember the tape on the airbox for next year!

We rolled in Friday afternoon and the first thing I saw was the 40' death drop. Needless to say I was bit rattled by it.

Not too bad from the bottom.....

Much worse from the top... blind, big, and a with soft sand landing.
(pic stolen from Thump_co's FB, thanks!)

In the end it didn't matter only 8 riders out of 100+ starters had to (got to?) attempt the drop and I wasn't one of them.
We were staying in a hotel and were worried about the bikes being in the back of the truck, so one of the Prairie Dog members we had met offered to keep our bikes there, at the race track, with him. Like I said, great people!
The next morning we show up get everthing ready and I head, a little late, to the start line. I had no idea where to stage and they were already starting the first lines. Thump_co is with me, we're entered in 30+ vet A and we're lined up with CRF 150's and KTM 105's on the second to last row...somehow I still didn't get the holeshot. So I had pretty slow qualifiying time. There were a lot of riders to pass and a lot of crashes to pick through. At one point I blow a corner follow a rider off the course and had to turn back around and pick my way through 10 or so riders that I had just passed the lap prior. I end up on Row 18 for the LDS1.
LDS1 starts and I am feeling pretty good, picking off riders one at a time. We get to the first obstacle and there are 3-4 riders sitting at the bottom and another 3-4 hung up on the obstacle. I sit there for a second, see a line open up. No one is going for it, so I'm off. In less than 5 seconds I had just passed 6-7 riders! The next obstacle was almost the same as the first, another 6-7 riders. Then into the Endurocross section, it was total carnage, downed or hung-up riders everwhere. I pick my way through and it seemed like I must have gained another dozen positions. Needless to say I was feeling very lucky. I get to the skinny bridge water crossing (a 40' 2x4 over 4' deep water), they are stopping riders and alowing only 2 at a time to attempt the bridges and then dragging out the victims bikes with a truck. I pull up, wait, get the go ahead by the official and start to roll into the down hill approach. All of the sudden I hear the official yelling "wait wait wait!" So I stop inches from the bridge and pointing downhill and he gives me the Go ahead, great. So now I'm in a funny position to start from and too close the start of the bridge. I decide to just touch the bridge with my front tire (they said that I had to attempt the bridge) and then just ford the rest. I get into the water and it was just too deep for the little 350. A few seconds later they drag my sorry, soggy ass out on a tow rope and I go to work clearing the engine. They pull one more guy out and then start draining the pond to a lower depth! I couldn't believe my bad timing. The bike restarted and ran for a few minutes, but it quickly gave up the ghost. That was the end for me this year. I will be back, though! I had a blast! We met a bunch of people and everyone was awesome!

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