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Originally Posted by robberst View Post
2000 miles on the V-strom since the engine repairs.
Just a couple of observations.

there is no noticable oil loss.
my idle issue disappeared and it idles like it should
in the 4500-5500 RPM range it has a pretty strong vibration, especially with a big throttle opening.

This past weekend we went down to St Paul, MN for the anitique motorcycle club event and it was very windy. With the bike loaded for a weekend of camping, my wife on the pillion, and a stiff headwind, the vibration was especially bad. She didn't notice it at all, but it was enough to make my hands and feet tingly. (Not even my KTM640 does that) It's a pretty high frequency type of vibration, like the in-line 4 cylinder hondas I have ridden.

While my engine always has been like this, I think since I reassemble the engine, the vibration is more intense over a larger range of RPM.

Nevertheless, I'm happy with it. Looks like there will be many more miles to come.

My 2007 650 has a very narrow window where it vibes enough to be annoying. Interstate travel around 75mph. RPM range is 5600-5900.
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