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Originally Posted by psychohawk View Post
Hey all,

I'd like to put together a every-other-week GS Ride. I've been scanning the forums for some time for a group, but none ever seem to fit what I'm looking for.

I'd like a ride/group as follows:

- GS so we're all similarly capable
- meet Irv Seaver*
- 8 AM, stands up 8:30 AM
- home mid-afternoon
- various terrain, not always dirt, not always asphalt

That said, I'm NOT interested in seeking out the most difficult trails and trashing my bike; don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting it dirty and a few scratches, I'm just not interested in exploring the bike's--or my--upper capabilities.

About me: 45, married, homeowner, welder ... sometimes I ride more spirited than my age might indicate, but off the saddle I'm pretty mellow to be around ... my other hobby is surfing (9-6 Harbour) though honestly, I haven't been surfing much in the last few months ... too much riding! I started riding late in life, about 25, and accumulated about 125k miles on two wheels.

Let me know if there's any interest, first ride will be Saturday, June 29th ... it'll be an easy, get acquainted ride ... route suggestions are welcomed ... if that works and there's interest, let's put together something every other week.

Note, if I'm raining on someone's party, let me know and I'll probably join your ride / group instead.


* I propose meeting Irv Seaver because most everyone knows where it is and if you need something last minute, you can pick it up ... neither the ride nor myself are associated with the shop.
would like to join...when schedule allow...

meeting at irv seaver is not a problem.. for me...

i will subscribe to the thread and gain insight about dates later...

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