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Originally Posted by David13 View Post
I won't say Andy is an idiot, tho' he may be. I will say I don't understand it.
I have entered Mexico more than once. I just drove or rode in. No stop, no gate, no question, no nothing.
Now, the last time, I did have to stop for about 15 seconds to be x-rayed. But that was by the USA before I entered Mexico. The Mexicans don't care. Come on down, is their policy (oh, bring money).
This new x-ray supposedly is to be sure that no one is taking guns or drugs into Mexico.
I don't know what government idiot came up with that. No one takes drugs into Mexico. They go to Mexico, buy the drugs, then bring them back here.
Guns come into Mexico from south America and from the Middle East, not from the north.
It's just a new way for the government to waste 190 million dollars.
Not exactly right about the source of the guns. It seems that U.S. Attorney General Holder did sell the cartels a lot of guns and then lost track of who he sold them to.
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