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Cool2 Hancock to Wells River VT

There is a really fun road into Hancock that was in process of being improved with fresh pavement of crappy old cold patch. It was wet, puddling wet, and marbles everywhere. Oh the joy!

I left my garage 0630 to meet up at Four Corners for 0700 and then second breakfast at Fiddleheads 0900 with KSU for the real start of the trip at 1000.

The other two wet riders showed up on their Manstroms looking High and Dry.

Ed and Fred

Both these guys say their bikes are "Strong like ox!" No bull, that's what they both say!

My KTM has balls! Balls to the Walls!

Here is Ed. I don't know why he is smiling. Doesn't he know it's pouring rain and freezing out?

Leon with his well put together KLR

The whole gang, oh wait. There are only five of us. My Harley fucking Davidson friends say a gang is SIX or more. Oh well. We did have stickers for the ride though! And pictures. We really did ride in the cold, mud, rain and fog

We stopped to see Warren NH's defense system. They have their very own ICBM right in the center of town!

I pulled out my waterproof matches from an MRE and tried to light the thing, but my matches kept going out.

We finally made it to the start of the Bailey Hazen and our first stop for the night except it was still raining. We skipped out of camping and stayed at the Nootka Lodge. The owner ran out to the parking lot and saw our sorry ass mud covered bikes and gear and said "Do I have a good place for you!" No it was not the log cabin suite with a fireplace and big comfy couches. She gave us a stinky little suite that big guys like us had to suck in our gut to pass each other in the rooms.

We showered our bikes and drained the water out of our boots and made the best of the evening at the hotel game room.

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