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I have had 3 events I count as crashes. All three could have been prevented if I stopped and thought my actions through.

1st one I had a bad day at work and went for a night ride through one of the worst deer colision areas in the UP. Hit a yearling with ym VF700S and went down at 50 in jeans and a leather jacket. Some road rash but not bad. Bought some leather pants. Tweak right knee a bit and couldn't walk for a couple days but no lasting injury.

2nd one I was leaving work after a long day, tired and was riding a little quick. Saw a friend coming up the road and through I'd motard it a bit to show off. Locked he back wheel and high sided off the bike at about 35 on gravel. Again jeans and jacket...didn't wear the leathers because I thought it was too hot out. Gravel rash this time but still no serious injuries, tweaked my left knee and I was hobbling for a few days again.

3rd one I was again leaving work after a sweltering day of roofing. Dehydrated, tired. I was riding along a section of rail trail where the bank drops off about 5 feet the ajoining property owner has a fence right at the bottom. Pretty much a terrain trap. I had just thought about how much it would suck to end up down there when my front wheel must have hit something and deflected toward the fence. I didn't react fast enough. Bike went into the ditch at about 30, handle bar snaged the fence and the bike flipped forward and launched me over the handle bars. Taco'd the front rim and bent the fork tubes. I was wearing full gear this time. Was slighltly sore but went to work no problems the next day. I am a firm beleiver in ATTGAT ever since.

I have dirt napped more times than I can count while off roading my KLR, mostly these are low speed off camber get offs.
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