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Originally Posted by De Oppresso Liber View Post
My little 250 is in need of some new sneakers and while fine at slower speeds and still "OK" for light offroading, it would not have been too sure-footed at the speeds that this ride would require to make progress.

Hey we went the speeeeeed limit like I always do! Average moving speed was 36.5 mph and the speed limit in VT is 35. How close is that? When the mud was deep and so slick you would fall on your ass if you got off the bike we went around 20 mph. Ok there were some track, not on any roads of VT-honest, conditions that may have been ridden at 55, er ok 75, but no more than 80!

Even 20mph was too much for one adventurer. His bike had had enough of the mud and the rear spun around to head back home. The rider very quickly caught on that his bike trying to go home so he had to lay her down.

Nobody saw what happened and I was at the next turn waiting. And waiting. I waited so long I became worried that everyone was abducted by aliens or Sasquatch ate them. I headed back into the mud only to find the crew happily tooling along after rebuilding a side case mount on the homesick bike.

Next year I'll put knobbies back on the 690. These MT90AT's are great on hard pack but suck in the mud.


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