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Originally Posted by Chrisbarnes1
Finally joined--my pics preceed me! I'm going to have another go with moulds that allow more "sculpting" on the side instead of a straight line--and also to incorporate a petcock protector (although its easy enough to provide a basic shield its not going to be easy to provide both side access and a reasonable degree of stiffness to take a knock--we'll see how it turns out. I'm going to use a carbon/kevlar cross weave this time.

Welcome, although your early association with creeper might be difficult to overcome...

There are some extensive threads on this indexed that perhaps might have a tidbit or two for you in your design process. But then again maybe not; you are further along than any other 640a monkey.

They look good so far, many would want them to extend far enough back to protect the entire side of the tank in a low side slide. I would want them to curl around and attach to the hardware on the inside (front only unfortunately) and parhaps mould around other parts ("snap on"?) for better fastening.

The petcock protection might be a 'pie in the sky' if you know the phrase; some have discussed using an aluminum reinforcement loop to allow for non-stop switching. But the best petcock protection is likely the rallye skidplate boxes.

This stuff and maybe more in those threads.
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