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Ok here goes: I absolutely never thought I'd be able to afford one of these bikes. It's been my dream bike since I first laid eyes on it, but to say I have a small budget would be like saying Mr. Gates has a couple of dollars. My wife and I run a very small business here in Hawaii. Costs for everything are astronomical. I ended up rescuing my 06 950A from sitting, rusting for 4+ years. To his credit, the previous owner knew fully how good of deal he gave me because he knew this was my dream bike and he wanted to see it get ridden and loved, which has most definitely happened!
It sat on the ground sometimes covered others not, with fuel in it, so when I got it. I started tearing her down replacing rusty bolts, whole parts, gaskets, etc. It did come with the canisterectomy done, a jet kit and Leo Vince cans. I've now put 6500 miles on it in 8 months (lots of dirt too) on an island!! It's everything I could want in one bike and even better than I thought it could be off-road. I feel more at home on it than any of my previous bikes, more an extension of me than an object I'm riding.
I also got my first daughter about 10 days or so after the bike! Danica is awesome and I'm already planning for her first bike. That said, my once puny budget has been decimated, :eek:. I ride in used or clearance gear and put what money I can into my mistress. Now that I have the carbs cleaned up and dialed in, and the cans on, I'd like it to breathe better. I also ride as much as possible in the dirt, so I'd really like the foam filter of the Rottweiler intake to protect my baby. My Dad just retired and got an F800GS (I know, boo, but he wanted the lower seat height and mellow (boring) motor). We are planning to do the UTBDR next year after my wife and daughter and I move back to the mainland so my bike WILL be ridden in epic places. I am willing to take many pictures/videos and promote the Rottweiler intake and CPR Fab everywhere I go! I just need to get one first, and the way my Great Pumpkin is eating rear tires it is going to be a long time before I can afford one. So vote for the most well loved Great Pumpkin out there!

PS: Do I get bonus points for typing the above sob-story novel on my dinky little phone while my daughter sleeps on one arm? :

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