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Originally Posted by ThereisnoSpoon View Post
Was that awesome or what? Such a cool event, I can't wait till next year.
awesome indeed. it has the potential to be beyond epic if they use their heads and don't let it get stale. I think the young pro's (Kessler) and ex pro's who can still rip (Cooper) are big time show stoppers. how many times is Larry Maiers going to ask Lechein where he got the name Dogger from, and at this point, who cares? But yes very very cool I hope they can keep the vibe. I think they should mix in something like a mini national to bring in more people and spectators and be smart about time management. I couldn't believe how long it took to get to your class as soon as it was over I was in the car, it was 8 o'clock! You missed the really nice low sunlight by about 15 minutes when you guys went off the sun was below the tree line dammit. Had to do some creative settings with the ISO etc but we can settle once and for all who's got came to do the cavity and who doesn't.

see you soon it sounds like. keep me in mind of anything interesting happens with the state line crew.

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