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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
A while back, a guy mentioned he had crashed or dropped his bike, at least 1000 times.
Maybe that was me cuz I say that all the time. I estimate I have been down 1,000 times in the dirt based on how long I've been riding, and the approximate time between crashes when riding aggressively for the number of miles per day and the type of enduro terrain I rode in. Now that I'm older and ill, I ride much less dirt mileage in a day, and ride much less aggressively and more carefully. For the first time in my life, I actually ride dirt not to crash. I could have done that before but was more interested in riding a section a little faster, or riding a very challenging section at all.

I have never been down while in motion on a paved road. I have had a non-moving road bike tip over in a parking lot as I dismounted due to the side stand not being down all the way, and once inside a garage from having a brain fade and not having the stand down at all!
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