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Ive always pushed it pretty good on dirtbikes,sliding is when its fun,slide the front,slide the back,slide both ends,pitch it in without shutting off when possible,even at 55 years old I try to hang with the youngsters or pass em.
I dont generally crash when sliding,I feel more secure when the tires are drifting so I dont have to wonder when they will break loose.

But I tip over on singletrack from time to time,usually just awkward tip overs,this last weekend I swear I saved 3 crashes in 2o feet before I stepped off in an off camber rutted turn full of sticks/rocks. Climbed to the high side of the bike and took off quick fanning the clutch like a fool.

Ive always had a street bike since about 1974 but once I figured out what not to do,no crashes there. Dirt riding skills save your life on the road no doubt about it.
Some bikes around at times
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