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Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll add more over the coming spring and summer. Have a road trip to Amador County, CA in mind for the summer. Hopefully it will work out. Still debating what route I want to take. Waffling between taking 101 down to Hwy 20 beyond Clear Lake into Sacramento and on into AC, or going down the eastern part of the state. Choices, choices.

Bumping my own thread and quoting myself because I'm that lame.

Not taking this particular short trip as I thought I might. While discussing some future plans with the spouse another trip was planned and took its place.

Looked something like this:

That had to get S-canned thanks to some unforseen financial bovine scatology that ate up almost all of the funds I was going to need. In fact, I'd be on the road right now and probably almost to Knoxville. Oh well, such is life.

Not all was lost. Come the 24th I'll be hitting the road at Zero-Dark-Thirty for this much shorter, but also worthwhile trip.

Going up to Post Falls, ID to give my grandmother a surprise visit. She's going to be 90 soon and I thought a un announced visit from a grandson she hasn't seen in a few years would be a nice birthday gift.

Doing it on a budget of $250 which will be no sweat. Fuel for the round trip is only going to be about $70-80 and I'll be staying at my aunt's house since she lives in the area as well (grandma lives in a swank retirement community). Going to allocate as much of the funds to do some day rides in the area or maybe find a cheap place to camp for a night.

I will, of course, take pictures. Going to take a few of my favorite roads and take a little time on the way up to stop and see some things I couldn't when I was on these roads in a commercial vehicle. Still plan on doing the full distance in a day just to see if I can, with a back up plan to stop and get a room if I get too fatigued. The seat on my bike is not the most long distance friendly thing in the world. Glad that my fuel tank size (2.8 gallons) will require me to stop every two hours or so to fuel up and stretch.
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