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Okay... The heads have been taken down to Motor Works in National City. Yeah the guys that did my transmission and advertise in AirMail.
I took the Barrels along to for them to take a look at. I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow on the news and quote.

Old guy that owns the shop looked at the barrels and suggested doing the assembly old school: new rings, honed cylinders, saw the recessed valves and all.

So... I've done the homework before and relooked it all over again. Honing on Nikasil is a argument, which valves to go with is an argument, sourcing Rings?, then the argument of breaking in the bike. Might as well throw it all in along with the type of 'sert to use.

Kidding.. sort of. I'm getting a jig and I'm not telling which one. But I'd appreciate thoughts on:
1) honing?
2) sourcing rings (OEM? From whom?)
3) after I get the bike together I'll ask the breaking in argument.

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