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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
You too, huh? I came down with Vertigo for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I go for vestibular rehab on the 27th. Hoping for the best...
Good luck! I have heard of cures anywhere from drugs to ear cleaning to carrying a flask of tequila. The one thing that I have heard is that it's common and it usually goes away.

I had it really bad many years ago when I rode my 50cc in high winds the entire way. It stayed dormant until recently. So I wouldn't worry.

But a backup plan is a good thing. I see the olde phartes at retiree RV parks in their golf carts. I expect that when the day comes I will be there parking my Spyder among the golf carts and trying to pick up the sexy 80 year old chicks ;)

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