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Originally Posted by The Misinformant
Probably will go with a CF and Kevlar lay up with a bit of re-inforcing arounfd the pet cock. The idea is to have the gaurd go around/ under the cock towards the lower edge and under the tank.

I have a contact in the aviation repair game were I can get cheap resins and good intel.
as i mentioned above i would stay clear of the petcock protection unless you can figure a way of maybe building out in front of it without impeding easy access.

for most of my layups i use west systems epoxy resin. you may want to try them out. very nice stuff. i've always used their slow hardener since time of cure is not a concern and the extra time to layup is nice. their web site:

often the fibre material you use is not as critical as the matrix. for example i would stay clear of polyesters... especially with hand layups. they cure very quickly, and you will likely have too much matrix for the amount of fibre. if you are using a polyester i'd set it off real cool, and vacuum bag the bitch!

probably the best way to do guards at home is with about a dozen layers of carbon, maybe a few kevlar outer layers for abrasion, use an epoxy like west system, and vacuum bag it. you will end up with a real nice part.

if you don't have a vacuum pump you can rifle through the junk yard for an old fridge and steal the compressor outa it. makes for a really great little vac unit.
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