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Here's my 1983 Suzuki PE175. I bought this new back in 1983 rode it off and on for probably 10 years and then it was left to sit in the back corner of my garage as life went on. I've just lately pulled it out and cleaned it up a bit. Bought some new DOT knobbies added the mirror, horn and a brake light and am waiting for a police officer buddy to slide over and sign the inspection paperwork. Dual sport here we come though obviously, she's going to excel at the off road part.
I hope to be able to get out and ride with some of you other metro Detroiters I see on here.

Congrats on a very nice machine!

Long-term project bike #2...... AKA "The Ugly Duckling"....... 1982 PE-175Z, will never again look as nice as your's....unless someone else wants to do a real resto after I'm done getting it running, braking and handling safely enough to ride hard, and have fun with.
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