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This comes up a lot. Posting pictures is a big help but it is often not the solution. You have to tell us what the picture is of and what we are seeing.

It looks like I see a ding on the inside of the engine bore where the cylinder base goes? Will an undamaged cylinder still fit or be made to fit by hand filling the damaged area? If the cylinder is made to fit this way does it look like there would be a weakness?

How about the outside surface. Is the area the base of the cylinder seals against still flat?

After you get the piston off and the rod out it should be possible to see the damage better.

Try to keep work area clean especially a borrowed space. Bring cardboard boxes, beer boxes or oil boxes work well, to put stuff in. Any spilt oil should be cleaned up immediately. Sweep the floor so oily dirt doesn't get ground in concrete. Kitty Litter will absorb oily spills.
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