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Originally Posted by tbg View Post
@gegster - Thank you! Took my brain longer than I'd like to admit in figuring out what a "male socket" was.
@Plaka - The list idea is one I've already considered. I'm terrified of what the actual price may be, but I suppose knowing is better than spending without a goal. And thanks for the broke-mechanic tips; I'm making a royal mess of my borrowed-garage, so every little bit counts!
@disston - I appreciate your candidness. Now I know that a fluted socket and a male socket are the same thing! I'll be sure to be as accurate as possible with naming conventions in the future. No need to mess anything up.

Here's a picture of what I believe to be engine block damage:

Unfortunately, Imgur seems to hate my poorly-edited image. I should be able to get the rods and head off on Wednesday. I'll report back then with pictures.
That ain't damage, that's patina...

That was the punchline to a raunchy farmers daughter jokem, but forget the joke itself.

Looks like a trivial scuff on a completely non-critcal surface...dress it out with a scraper and forget it. The bite out of the cylinder base is likely trivial too.
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