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Kiwis ride the Big Dog

Our last day on NFL was a 239 km road ride from Rocky Harbour to the Labrador Ferry, which started cold and got colder .- but much more chilly stuff was in store...

You will know the Titanic sunk 200 miles off NFL after hitting an iceberg. Well somebody is still sending them down here, as a pleasant and uneventful crossing to the mainland port of Blanc Sablon was disturbed icebergs floating in the harbour. It was COLD!

Today was a taste of the wilderness rides coming up in the days ahead. Forteau (our first night accom) to Port Hope Simpson is about 80 km of seal and 120 km of rough soft loose metal in a bleak, empty, harsh environment . It rained the whole way, the ambient temperature not approaching double digits , before a strong and nasty wind chill drove home the cold. What fun!

This is not a place for an ill prepared bike or rider, a breakdown if you were wet or cold , could have serious consequences. We had on every piece of thermal and wet weather kit in our respective arsenals and stayed warm and dry (inside ). Quality not quantity is the key. And layers .

Thru the mist we saw something moving and lo and behold there was a bear cub on the road. We stopped a safe distance and watched for a bit, aware that Mama Bear was probably watching somewhere..quite a hoot for us from NZ.

Arrived Port Hope Simpson pop. 300. A real frontier town, but very welcoming.

next day onto Goose Bay, 408 km no gas. We had 48 litres of gas between us, but our small bikes dropped from 26 km / ltr in Nfl to 20 on the soft sand road and head wind. 5c and rain the whole way but the remoteness was rather neat.

Day 7 yesterday onto Churchill Falls, (not many positives here..) , another 280 km mainly gravel. Finaly saw a Moose! today Tuesday , day 8, onto the bright lights of Lab City.

Our little WR 250r's are going great. The difference in fuel km is more than expected between me (little guy) and Bryan (big guy). Bryan ran his 14.6ltr Safari tank dry yesterday whilst i had quite a bit left in same tank. The seats are surprisingly comfortable. Our Giant Loop luggage is perfect for this type of ride, very versatile . We both have a bit less than 25kg in gear, more than ideal but camping stuff adds up (along with tools, spares, bear spray etc). We are 2300 km in, and will need the new tyres Fab has in store for us when we get to him around the coming weekend.

We are doing the TCAT in daily bites, allowing for fuel and accommodation, and low stress - still a long way to go!

I know many folk are following our SPOT. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, but sorry if I have not replied to ur message . I will re post our spot address. Note: password is SOREBUMS.
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