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Cool2 Day two the BH and start of PDR in Troy

We packed up and had breakfast at P&H Truckstop. P&H may smell like diesel fuel outside, but walk into the smell of fresh baked bread. They are open 24/7

Notice the ground is drying and the sky is gray rather than black. Good start to the day!

Riding the BH is more scenic due to the military road sticking to high ground and tending to follow straight lines. I would not call it boring though and no one wanted to do the hero sections. We did find a couple of hero sections with the wild weather we were having anyway.

Leon is the only one in our squad with knobbies and a love of the slow going stuff. The first day's hero section had come up and I stopped and asked Leon if he was up to it. He asked me what it would be like. I said on a good day you have to climb a section against a water fall and after that the path turns into a bog. I thought on a day like this with rain the week before and the current downpour that it would be really damp. Leon is a smart guy and passed on the hero section.

On the first tough spot of the trail we came up to a farm with party tents and spot lights set up. The road went right, but our path went straight into the woods. After we passed the trees a wonderful bog opened up and a climb out of it with boulders planted in the road.

At the top of the hill I climbed off my steamy KTM and Leon and I could not hear any bikes. Oh no. Down the hill we walked to see who we would have to push out of the mud. It seems those Manstroms weigh as much as an ox too. You need a bunch of people to pick the things up.

So the two newbies have dropped their bikes. I'm not naming names here so you'll have to guess. We didn't have any tip overs last year as I recall. These young guys have a lot to learn!

Smooth sailing!

We made it to the end of the BH and Chet decided that he was heading home, but not just yet. He really looked to be in pain when he walked. After a little bit of the PDR he was going to head home. Well he missed his cue to go and went almost to the end of the day with us.

After Chet left us we rolled into the second nights stop. Ed's place in Stowe. He lives right on the PDR! What a lucky guy! In Stowe we added a ride through the haunted Emily's bridge. Emily had hung her self from this bridge and if you are sensitive you can feel her feet dangling when you ride through. I felt her move my bike after I parked to take pictures. I think she was trying to push me into the river.

We slept inside at Ed's due to the weather and had a campfire that night on Ed's mountain top.

Thank you ED!

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