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Good work on the RR so far Mr Bill!!

I'll add a little storyline for Day 3:

Yes, as Bill mentioned, the first two days were just a bit... well maybe a whole lot soggy. Our intentions were to camp out on the first two nights and "camp in" (in the barn at BB's) the third night. I'll be the spoiler and tell you right now that our tents and sleeping bags never came out of their cozy packs. With the on and off drizzle my camera never even came out from the tank bag until Day 4. Good thing Mr Bill keeps his tucked in the front of his 'stich front pocket and properly photo-documented those days or else we'd have no proof it ever happened.

BB had warned us (prior to our even starting out) that those Vermont dirt roads are loaded with clay, and when they are wet they are pretty hard to go very fast on. Last year we only had one morning that they were wet after a rainy overnight in Stowe. This year we had far more of opportunity to perfect our slimy road slithering technique.

Day 3 was supposed to be the longest day of riding, so we headed out early and had a quick nosh at KC's Bagel Cafe, a great little Bagel Shop in Waterbury. By the time we got out on the route, the roads were already starting to dry up a little, and continued to get better throughout the day.

As they did it was easier to control slides on corners without worrying about the front washing out. There is a section of the PDR between Bethel and Bridgewater that is just made for strafing. That was the section that I led the ride on last year, and this year Mr Bill did not disappoint either.

We pulled into the Ramuntos Pizza in Bridgewater at around 2PM and everyone had big smiles on their faces except for Mr Bill. He has an XM antenna on his old school GPS with the HiRes weather display. It seems our dry weather had run out already and that we would be proceeding into some pretty heavy rain if we continued on as planned.

After stuffing our faces on some great pizza slices, we talked it over and decided we'd made a big enough dent in that days route (only 2 more hours left) to forgo more sogginess. Called around and found a motel to hole up in just down the road in Woodstock called the Shire Riverside Inn. Yes they had vacancy, and with splitting 2 of them 2 ways (there were only 4 of us at this point) it wasn't too cost prohibitive (considering it was Woodstock).

When we materialized at the hotel the owner/manager saw we were riders and said, no-no those smaller rooms he had quoted us on the phone would not do. So he upgraded us to some bigger, newer rooms upstairs for the same lower price. And he also told us to pull the bikes in under the overhang, on the boardwalk/porch area in front of some of the first floor rooms he had not yet filled. The rooms were way better than I expected, practically luxurious. Pretty cool to get such nice treatment instead of the more usual opposite.

After a drizzly stroll around town in cutesy Woodstock (the place oozes New Englandy tourist appeal) to stretch our legs a bit, we stocked up on food and adult beverage supplies at the only supermarket in town, Mac's, which is conveniently located directly across from the Shire Inn. Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening munching on goodies, watching the rain come down, and working on a good hangover for the next morning.

Someone else needs to supply some Day 3 pics as all I have are from the last day.
-Fred W
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