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Day 6
More of the parkway. I went from Lynchburg down to the Willville motorcycle camp ground.
I think I've said it before. This road is great, but once you've done part of it, it's pretty much the same all the way along. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm sure I'll be wishing for road like this when I'm bored on a highway heading west.
The view are still spectacular though.

On my way down the parkway though. They closed a section to clear some fallen trees. Without a detour sign, I just set off finding a way around with my gps. I didn't fancy just following the highway so tried some back roads. Now that was fun! The trees that has fallen on the parkway has obviously also fallen on these roads too, but no one had really cleared them. I was therefore weaving around all these fallen logs, sometimes on gravel. I started to fell like a real adventure rider.

I arrived at willville with plenty of time to set up my tent and chat to a few guys who turned up there as well. It's a great place and well set up.
A few guys turned up for the GS giants run out. I starting chatting to a couple of them and then I realised my earlier expedition in gravel roads pales to what some people have done.
In definitely getting the bug now and my next trip will definitely be more adventure orientated with probably a dual sport bike.

Day 7
From willville I carried on south down the parkway again. some interesting stuff the further down you go.
The Linville viaduct is great and an amazing feat of engineering. It looks cool too. I took the quick walk underneath to have a look.

Just a bit further south from there is Grand Father Mountain. I rode to the top and walked the swinging for the photos. It's a cool place and worth a stop if you have the time.

From there I got the highways to get to Asheville where I stayed the night at ADVrider kennyanc's place.
We went out for a few beers at The Wedge in Ashville where I met a couple more forum members and has some delicious beer. It's not all Budweiser and Miller out here then. ;)
I was treated to a huge steak, beer and a few games of pool back at Kenny's place. I let Kenny win at pool obviously! ;)
Late that night another ADVrider, icecold Dan turned up on his way back home from a fishing trip. So more beers and pool was to be had. :

This ADV community is amazing and I'm hoping to take it back home to the UK and spread the word.
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