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Originally Posted by ahwarm View Post
A little late now but 8 miles from Westmoreland is a town called Brawley and it has plenty more options then Westmoreland. Did you eat at the Town Pump? (I think it's called). I've traveled through that town 100 times on my way to Glamis and have never eaten there.

Love the RR so far. Keep it up!

Hi, ahwarm :)

I did eat at Town Pump. Which, is funny, because in Montana there's a gas station named Town Pump.. anyway..

It's fairly decent, and better than I was expecting. But not great.
I splurged on the local ribeye (Brandt ranch?). It wasn't aged, so there was a lot of fat. The flavor was good, but that could have been due to the copious amounts of pepper they coated it with :)

The most disappointing part, is that they brought it out nearly sizzling, and juice was all over the plate. Textbook "how not to serve steak." It was tasty, but I suspect I would have been happier with the burger.
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