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Intresting so far. Obviously not your first trip in Mexico...
Good to hear your planning is limited.... but it sounds to me as if you really do have a plan already as you mention having a meeting-up to get to in PV.
A thought though, you say you are doing "two weeks " in Mexico but time window that could bite you if you do really go all the way to Oaxaca ,the city and state.By the time you get done your PV visit the first week will be used up.Going all the way to OAX would leave you no time to make a comfortable leisurely ride back north to your (awaiting? ) job. There are more than enough roads on shorter routings to keep you amused for the duration and certainly if you make a point of stopping more than ONLY ten times in a day.
Maybe take PV as the turnaround point and pick up a bunch of neat roads through interior Mexico northward.
For instance PV to San Sebastian and Mascota and Ameca to Guadalajara and Mex 23 north to Fresnillo . Lots of scenic stuff inthe hills there.
Or at most carry on south on Mex 2oo to Manzanillo and there take the roads inland to Minatitlan , Colima and wander around the back roads at foot of Volcan Nevado de Colima , then libres up to Guadalajara etc etc .
Up north you can do the loop from Hidalgo del Parral to Guachochi, Creel, side trip to view Copper Canyon vistas , then north to the US border .
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