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Today I started to clean a gass tank. I removed the gass, cleaned all of the shit out of it with fresh water few times. After that I modified one of my old 800 wat PC power suplies and took one 12V 24amp rail, cut the connector of. I connected the + lead to the sacrifficial anode, in this case an old rusty screwdriver, and the negative lead to the part of the tank with the bare metal protruding through the paint. I am going to leave it like this for three days, changing the water and sodium carbonate solution once a day, and changing the anods, and changing the minus lead position on the tank to get the best current flow around the tank. I think 24 amps wil be more than enough to clean this bastard :-) There was some rust in the tank, so I hope that this proces will make it all nice and shiny once again :-)

I used an old plastic spraypaint lid as an insulator

after only 20 minutes, there is result :-) That is why computer powersuplies kick ass comparing to the standard battery chargers :-)

In all of the basement I haven't managed to find single peace of metal that is not stainless :-) so the old rusti metal screwdriver had to go :-)
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