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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
It's an airhead, man. Anything you do on it is 'nerd shit.'
Airheads ARE the nerds of the motorcycling community. This sub-forum is like that cafeteria table way off in the corner where pasty small kids in glasses huddle in a group for protection.
I've got a d20 the size of a racquetball. It might be hanging from my rear-view by this afternoon.
I've been trying all my life to escape the nerd/geek persona. Within every hobby I try and like, there is a group of nerds that I finally find. I don't seek out the Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid finds me. And yes, I know what a d20 is. I still have my original (in mint condision, no less) complete set of hardback books for D&D.

Conclusion: Nerds are like Rednecks, and Deadheads. We are everywhere.
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